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Iran World Trade Center

.This project is performed by World Trade Center Co., Reg. No. 22921.
. Capital amount: 100% in cash for RIs. 3,500,000,000,000/- which has totally been paid in cash.
. Site area: About 10,000/- sq/m (ten thousand square meters)
. Superstructure area: Over 95.000/- sq/m (ninety-five thousand square meters)
. Number of stories: 47 stories as described below:
. Number of commercial stories: 5 stories
. Number of commercial units; over 800 units
. Number of parking stories: 4 stories
. Parking capacity; over 1000 automobiles
. Number of office and residential stories; 30 stories units
. Number of office and residential units; over 200 units
. Number of servicing, sporting, recreational and cultural stories: 4 stories, located in the glass bridge
. Number of maintenance: 2 stories
. Number of stories for office and residential lobby: 2 stories
. Number of stories for major lobby: 5 stories
. Number of minor and major lobbies of World Trade Center for the first time in Iran (over 40 lobbies with an approximate area of 30,000/-sq/m)

Other possibility of the complex:
The magnificent central view (void) on all stories of the huge commercial complex with an area of over 5000sq/m- luxury and vast lobbies including management rooms, music halls, amphitheater, etc.

A unique hypermarket on two stories with the height of over 7 meters , tens of speedy panoramic (glass) elevators , escalators and lifts for transporting goods to everywhere in the complex .

More than 20 coffee shops , restaurants , food courts , over 5500 sq/m of orchards and landscapes at the height of 14 meters above the ground level for the first time in Iran .

A connective glass bridge including royal and marine restaurants, food courts, sports complex, swimming pool and saunas with convertible roof, multipurpose helicopter pad capable of several applications as outdoor concert hall and amphitheater, restaurant.

Projetc site / Oct 2009

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very good post...
Dear Amin!

Dr Me'mar Zia is one of Professors of Islamic Azad University of Shiraz.He is desiner of 33 floor tower.You can see him in architecture department of Azad University of Shiraz which is in Gha'ani street and ask him about 33 floor, historical tower of Shiraz.